Since 2014 I have been creating chronologically numbered ONE MILLION porcelain vessels. Each one is a memory of the encounters with a person, an organization or an institution who contacted me. Every vessel is part of a permanently and uncontrollably expanding whole. Each of the vessels is shown at its respective location on a digital world map - www.eine-million.com/en/map. All owners of the vessels become part of this global narrative. All porcelain vessels are made by my hands. My own body does the physical work, turning the porcelain on the wheel as a kind of reward. The result is a digital iceberg with a tip made of porcelain, floating around globally, hybrid and connecting, out of control and autonomous. Each of the vessels has a 500-year guarantee; damaged vessels are exchanged for new ones, when sent back to me. A slow and self-enriching archive of never left or returned porcelain is created. My body is the geographic point zero of ONE MILLION. From here, like equal white dots, the vessels scatter over the whole world. Porcelain is a political material, it is my storage medium.